Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Google Website Translator

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How To Add Google Website Translator To Your Blog.

Once you have registered your blog in search engines, your visitors will be coming from different countries so we need a translator widget on our blog  for our visitors to instantly translate our blog into any different languages. 

You can select the display mode or even you can choose whether it is vertical or horizontal that fits to your blog. Go to translate.google.com/translate_tools then select type of translation element, display mode and so on.

On step #4 you have to copy the html code and paste into a new html/javascript widget on your blog OR if you are using blogger just click the button "Add To Blogger"

If you do it correctly it will work.

Happy blogging.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Yahoo Search Engine

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How To Register Our Blog In Yahoo Search Engine

After you made a blog, you have to register your blog in searching engines, one of them is Yahoo Search Engines. Why ? Because you want your blog to be read by others, right ? Nobody will read your blog except those who know your blog address unless you registered your blog in searching engines.

How do we register our blog in Yahoo search engine ? Go to https://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/submit/  then you select Submit A Website Or Webpage and type your blog address. After you completted the registery, yahoo will say "Thank you ! Your URL has been added to our list of URLs to crawl. Please expect a delay of several weeks before your URL is crawled ...." This means you are successful.

Have you registered your blog in the most popular search engine, google ? If not,  click here.

Ok. Happy blogging !

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Google Search Engine

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How To Register Our Blog in Google Search Engine

We do creating blog and write alot of posts because we want our post to be read by others (blog visitors) and if possible from all over the world, crossing the ocean. This is possible if we register our blog in Google search engines. Why Google ? Because Geogle is the most popular search engine in net. If you think after you made a blog, your blog will be detected by search engine, you are 99% wrong.

It is very easy, just go to http://www.google.com/addurl/ then start registering by adding your blog address (don't forget to include the http:// .. for example my blog address http://www.iskandar-makmun.blogspot.com). Complete the registery then click 'Add URL'

To get more visitors, register also your blog in Yahoo search Engine

It is that simple. Happy blogging !

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